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Baby Botox®

What is Baby Botox?

Bellissima Aesthetic Medicine are delighted to introduce our 'Baby Botox'®

For this treatment we administer half of our standard Botulin toxin dose, therefore it is best suited for younger clients or those looking to try out Botulin toxin for the first time. The price is very competitive.

Please be aware that with our 'Baby Botox'® there are no guarantees as to the duration of treatment and we do not offer a top up service. For those who have stronger muscles or want more evident result our standard dosage would be recommended.


Botulinum Toxin injections for Baby Botox®

Minor facial lines can be treated very effectively with targeted Botulin toxin injections. We offer Baby Botox® because it is a safe, approved and non-surgical solution to many of the wrinkles and facial changes commonly associated with ageing. Botox® is a temporary solution and its effects are fully reversible. Although its full benefit may not be seen for a couple of weeks after a treatment, the effects of Baby Botox® typically last for about four to eight weeks. Baby Botox® injections are quick and convenient to administer and Bellissima offers some of the most competitive Botulin toxin prices.

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