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Perfectio Imaginis

How It Works?

How it works?

Firstly Dietary Liposuction is a professional prescribed treatment; it is not recommended to start this treatment without dietitian supervision.

Since 1995 the protocol has been based on Blackburn proteic diet and comprises a food supplement which has been specially devised to induce ketosis in our body.

Ketosis means that we are using fat to feed body metabolism; in particular we are "burning" excess fat typically stored in women's waist and men's abdomen, thus the name "Dietary Liposuction".

By using the food supplement Amin 21k (the only specially devised, approved and tested for this protocol), our body starts to activate the ketosis process.

Dietary Liposuction scheme is very simple: a cycle of treatment is followed by a cycle of maintenance until the "ideal" weight is achieved.

  • Ideal weight is calculated
  • The most suitable treatement is chosen
  • After the treatment a personalised maintenance is devised to consolidate the weight achieved
  • If ideal weight is not achieved a further cycle treatment+maintenance is repeated

The main benefits of this treatment are:

Loss of localised fat

The ketogenic process is fuelled only by fat, therefore our body will burn excess of fat, usually localised in waist, abdomen and upper legs. Furthermore lean mass will not be used as a source of energy and thus completely conserved.

Weight loss without wasting

The short lenght of our treatments, the ketogenic process and the careful supervision by the physician ensure a safe, healthy and predictable weight loss.

Following tens of thousands of successful treatments we can confirm that one cycle of Dietary Liposuction could make you lose on average 5-8% of your initial body weight.

Lack of hunger

Thanks to the food supplement Amin 21k and the ketogenic process, the sensation of hunger disappears within 48 hours.

Professional supervision

The Dietary Liposuction protocol must always be done under supervision by a physician, to ensure that the appropriate treatment is chosen in relation to the level of body weight excess, eventual associated medical conditions and to resolve eventual side effects.

Dietary Liposuction is a medical treatment, not a DIY diet.

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