Safe and effective
Safe and effective
Perfectio Imaginis
Perfectio Imaginis


Does it work?

Yes. Thousands of successful treatments demonstrate the efficacy of Dietary Liposuction.


How much it costs?

It does not cost more than normal meals. An Amin 21k sachet costs £1.90, usually you will need 2 sachets a day for the Amino Acids treatment, then you will add the cost of a meal based on vegetables and meat or fish. For the Liquid Proteins treatment you will need 5-6 sachets a day but no meals added, therefore the cost is £9.5 / 11.4 per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Can I do my treatment just following the instructions on the website?

No. We strongly advise supervision by a doctor or a nutritionist to check if the treatment is suitable for you and to monitor eventual side effects.


Do I get side effects?

Mild side effects are possible, they are easily resolved or prevented by following your physician's advice. For more information please see "Warnings and Precautions".


Will I be hungry?

No. This is one of the main benefit of Dietary Liposuction. After the first 48 hours (when you may have sensation of hunger), ketones produced by fat catabolism stop the hunger mechanism in the brain's hunger centre in the hypothalamus. If you reintroduce sugars in your diet, hunger sensation will appear again immediately.


Do I lose only fat?

Yes. This is another main benefit of Dietary Liposuction. The steady introduction of amino acids during the treatment maintains high levels of growth hormone (Gh) and therefore maintains lean mass. Instead with the usual balanced low-calorie diets, you will lose lean and fat mass at the same rate.


Do I gain back my previous weight after treatment?

No. If you follow your individualised maintenance diet, adjusted on the basis of sex and physical activity, despite reintruducing in your diet fats and sugars, you will maintain the weight loss achieved with the treatment.


Can I do the treatment if I have a medical condition?

Usually yes. Only renal disease is an absolute contraindication but some conditions must be carefully monitored by your physician.

For more information please see "Warnings and Precautions".


What is the difference between Dietary Liposuction and a diet based on healthy eating?

A huge difference. Our treatments are short, with immediate measurable results and direct people to a new concept of eating that allow to maintain and eventually improve the achieved outcome. Normal low-calorie diets (despite being scientifically correct) are very slow in outcomes (to the point that most people quit), you will have hunger sensation and do not maintain intact lean mass as Dietary Liposuction.


I am vegetarian, can I do this treatment?

Yes. Vegetarians can use food that do not contain animal proteins, the only restriction is that food should not contain more than 5% of carbohydrates (e.g. soya milk, seitan, tempeh, tofu...).


Why the name "Dietary Liposuction"?

The definition "Dietary Liposuction" is referred to the unique feature of this treatment of being able in two/three weeks to remove localised fat, in womens usually concentrated in waist and top of legs. This localised fat is very resistant to treatment with any "classic" diet and normally would need Surgical Liposuction.

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