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Perfectio Imaginis

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition

Measuring full body composition rather than using a simple BMI calculation is far more accurate to assess the amount of body fat, muscle and fluid within the body.

BMI (Body Mass Index) uses total body weight, and does not distinguish between fat and muscle weight. By using the Bodystat 1500 device, we work out a detailed analysis of exactly what your total body weight comprises of in terms of fat, muscle and fluids. These are all important parameters to track when maintaining an exercise or health plan.



Weather the highly trained athlete or the person who would like just to get fitter, monitoring and managing hydration is crucial in physical performance and in clinical practice. Bioelectrical impedance offers consistent and reliable data to easily measure hydration levels in every setting. As well as measuring total body water we can measure the water in litres and as a percentage of total body weight. Normal ranges for age, height, geneder and weight are also given so that we can easily track results that are within or out of range. 


Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

The basic principle of BIA is that lean tissue, which consists essentially of electrolyte-containing water, conducts the electrical current, whereas the fats acts as an insulator. The impedance of the body is therefore determined largely by the low-impedance lean tissues. 

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