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My name is Alessandra and I have a real passion about nutrition.

After my degree in Law I had a great working experiences, always successful and fulfilled with financial and personal rewards.

During the following years I became mother of three fantastic children and I had a break in my working career.

After years I decided to follow my real passions and become a nutritionist.

I achieved my diploma in nutrition in 2014 with Blackford centre for nutrition and I must admit I found this course extremely interesting.

However, I think that is not enough to have knowledge about nutrition to be able to help clients that have problems related with their diet or weight; most of the time people have diet related problems because of psychological issues or they have a wrong approach to their diet or just sometimes food is a comfort zone where eating is emotionally driven, therefore I decided that I needed a tool to help me to help people with this kind of issues.

I enrolled in 2015 in my L2 Counselling skill course CPCAB to be able to work empathetically as a helper focusing on the clients’ needs and concern.

I have learnt a range of counselling skills to facilitate the process related with any food related issues.


Before your first appointment you will be asked to fill a patient medical history questionnaire, one week food diary, a client goal sheet and a personal details form.

Our first consultation will start with a very important analysis: your body Composition Analysis measured with the Bioelectrical Impedance machine Biostat 1500.

Measuring full body composition rather than using a simple BMI calculation is far more accurate to assess the amount of body fat, muscle and fluid within the body.

During our first consultation we will discuss the results with you, we will try to find causes of current health issue you may have and find a suitable nutrition plan that will suit you.

Nutritional therapy is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside conventional treatments.


I work in collaboration with Dr Santini to assure you that any major healthy issue or chronic health condition will be supervises by him.

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